Any movie with a leading cast of hot black men you know is always going to get my vote!  When this is accompanied by a leading female cast of beautiful black women however, I’m always on board.

Before I begin I would like to point out that as much as I love black films, urban films; whatever is politically correct these days; I’m not a fan of every black film and don’t think it has to be watched and is immediately good just because it has black people in it. Think Like A Man, I am happy to say is the exception. I was excited about it; I watched it and it delivered. It isn’t the greatest film ever made obviously but it was entertaining and in some ways, even educational!

If you are one of those people, namely British who haven’t read the book, Think Like A Man is based on the Steve Harvey book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. This book determines to teach women how to be better women to get better men while playing them at their own game. I told myself I was going to read the book before I saw the movie but when that didn’t happen the film became the window into what the book was about. Now, for the purpose of this film review, I’m not going to go into the ideologies and out right sexism and chauvinism that I think is present in the movie but instead focus on the film at hand. All of that will be an entirely new post!

Now, from the get go Kevin Hart delivers. He acts as the comical narrator throughout the film, introducing the characters and their situations and continues to give full hearted comedy throughout. The depiction of the “Mama’s Boy”, “Dreamer”, “Player” “Happily Married Guy”, “Happily Divorced Guy” and “Non-Committer” are all played well by the male cast and will have you literally laughing out loud (no lol). You can’t help but watch and think that you have met one if not all of these men in your lifetime. The movie is relatable and that is always a good thing. Being able to see yourself and your situations on screen undoubtedly helps you to love it. Yes, it is slightly sensationalised in the sense that all the men are hot and all the women are fine and they all have great jobs etc. but that, I think is something that comes with African American films. They get so caught up in wanting to portray positive black people that it gets in some ways, completely unbelievable. Not to say then, that it’s not nice to see.

One thing you always notice about films is the time and I felt that this was quite long. Not because in most instances it was boring but because you wanted to see how the various situations were going to pan out and it took a while to get there. Where long films get boring however is that it either takes too long to get the point so you’re sat wondering when it will get good, or all the good stuff happens at the beginning then you’re left wondering why is the rest of the film even there. With this film, it is well proportioned in terms of jokes, seriousness and “action” though these particular segments took a bit longer than necessary. For example, the first courtship of each of the couples drags on a bit when they could have fit a lot more things in, then the following dates seem to be all squashed together in a montage.

I think my only major complaint about the movie is the underlining notion that women are to blame for the situations they put themselves in. I’m not saying this is true or untrue but it seemed a bit of an extreme message to portray in the movie. This point aside there were a few things that as I mentioned before were relatable and might actually help the ladies to figure out the real deal with their various relationships!

Overall, Think Like A Man was an enjoyable film that provided laughs and “awws” in all the right places. The Morris Chestnut cameo was also a well added addition if I do say so myself!


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