PROMETHEUS: Epic Sci-Fi or Epic fail?

Im trying not to be one of those film critics /bloggers who hates every film they see just to be different but so far, nothing has been tickling my fancy.
Prometheus is sadly no exception.

As most real movie goers (by real i mean Transformer and Superhero films are not the only films you get excited about) i was excited about what Prometheus had to offer and as aforementioned, it failed to deliver.
As always, its best and easiest to start at the beginning and that was definitely captivating. The initial shot of outer space and carefully selected montage of epic landscapes set the scene for a truly spectacular setting but as the film progressed, this failed to be the case. Sure it was set in space but thats as epic as it got.

No epic fight scenes between man and beast. No tiptoeing around dark corners trying to detect where said beast could be hiding. No money shot of conquered beasts head on a metaphoric spike. Keeping it one hundred as you can always count on me to do, the film missed the boat of complete and utter epic failure just because of the ending. Waiting two and a half hours for what could have been accomplished in the first half an hour; if not sooner was poor judgement in the plot and structure department.

In the way of actors, Michael Fassbender (Young Magneto for those that don’t know) played an excellent cyborg robot thingy and was the most believable of all the characters. Idris Elba’s accent? Lets not disrespect the one negro in the film please. The rest off the unknowns played their position as very stock sci fi characters: over zealous female scientist and quirky geologists/biologists and trigger happy security personnel. Charlize Theron, though she played her iron lady character well enough, her presence quite frankly wasnt needed.

As i touched on earlier, the best part of the film was the ending and this was only because you finally saw and understood the connection between this film and the Alien Quadrilogy (Alien VS Predator franchise not included)

As a movie lover and one able to appreciate good movie making, i can honestly say that the film itself was made very well. With a director like Ridley Scott, this was always going to be the case but in terms of general content and the wow factor, the film was missing a lot. I was left with a few unanswered questions for a plot that quite frankly sounded as though it had been thrown together in order to quickly create a movie that would make lots of money.

Epic fail? Sadly, but yes 😦

2 thoughts on “PROMETHEUS: Epic Sci-Fi or Epic fail?

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