TOP TEN – Superhero Movies


In light of all the Marvel hype recently, I started thinking about all the superhero films that I have enjoyed over the years. That resulted in a Top Ten of my favourite superhero films! Soooo, in no particular order we have……

1. Batman Forever


Jim Carrey as The Riddler has me in absolute stitches every time I watch this film. It is by far nowhere near as serious as some other Batman films but it is funny and a guilty pleasure!

2. X Men Origins: Wolverine


The first of many films that would feature our beloved Logan as the centre of attention, Origins was an awesome film that let us know about Wolverine’s beginnings and that he is in fact a nice guy. Victim of circumstances that one! Much better than the metal Samurai robot fiasco!

3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Once I saw Andrew Garfield take the helm as Spidey, I wondered who Tobey Maguire even was! He did such a great job in the first outing but is was this sequel with Jamie Foxx as the villain that solidified him in my book! Awesome awesome film!

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


We’ve discussed this before: the first film was kinda boring but the sequel more than made up for it. Steve Rogers got real bad ass in this film but still remained a sweetie. Awww!

5. Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer


Other than the change of Jessica Alba’s wig, this second instalment for the Fantastic Four was pretty good. The graphics and danger of the Silver Surfer were awesome and had me glued to the screen.

6. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises 13Bane. That’s it.

7. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie


I don’t care what you say, when they turned into the Ninjeti with those rainbow ninja kits on, I WAS  a Power Ranger and you couldn’t tell me any different!

8. X Men: The Last Stand


Jean Grey was the star of this show. She was so bad she was good and I couldn’t get enough! The fact that Beast came into it was even better!

9.  Batman Returns

Batman_Returns_PosterWith the original Batman that is Michael Keaton, Batman Returns was absolutely amazing with Michell Pfeifer as Catwoman with that sexy voice and Danny De Vito as Penguin. It was dark, it was sexy, it was awesome!

10.  Judge Dredd


You might not consider this a superhero film but I LOVE Judge Dredd! “I never broke the law, I AM THE LAW!” Mate! I was finished from then. Awesome stuff.


Now, there are of course many films that are not on this list including all the modern day Superman failures including Man of Steel and none of the Iron Man films. There’s a reason for this….they’re not good.


Top Ten Small Screen Sexies

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Will Smith; the sexy movie star list has been done. Now its time to give the beautiful men who grace our television sets every week at 9 a time to shine!

It’s easy to reel off a list of names of attractive movie stars but we forget that there are another set of stars who are just as hot. Every week at 9 or 10pm, there is some guy that we tune into our favourite show for. That guy who makes the show that much more entertaining and sexy. Lets see the best of the bunch!

1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Mr Meyers is a crossover because he has been in movies too but his presence on the small screen is just as great. A former model, Jonathan has previously starred in TV dramas Gormenghast (from which he became a household name), The Tudors (2007) and most recently in Dracula. The epitome of the Irish bad boy, Meyers’ salary for Dracula has reportedly been withheld until he completes all 10 episodes of the series. The producers wanted to safe guard themselves unless Jonathan had any more issues with his alcoholism. Sexy right?

2. Brett Tucker

Not the most famous of the guys on the list but this sun kissed Australian gladiator is saying a lot these days. Known to us TV geeks as Harry Davis in Mistresses, Brett Tucker is one hot cookie. He had a small speaking role in Thor: The Dark World alongside fellow Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth but we expect to see a lot from him soon.

3. Charles Michael Davis

Although he has been in popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Charles Michael Davis has come to the forefront as the vampire Marcel in The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals. The half black and half Filipino actor/model is too cute for words. Something about his deep voice and intense eyes sends shivers all over me!

4. Kit Harrington

“You know nothing Jon Snow!” The best line ever! Kit Harrington is no stranger to the Game of Thrones geeks out there, myself included. He’s brooding looks and dark floppy hair is enough to make your knees quiver. Kit was in theatre before joing Game of Thrones but he is set to provide his vocal talents to How To Train Your Dragon 2. Excited to hear that Midlands accent!

5. Columbus Short

I’m not sure about you but I knew Columbus Short first as a dancer. He is best known for his role in Stomp The Yard alongside Chris Brown and most recently as Harrison Wright in ABC’s Scandal. Columbus is as smooth as they come, one of those guys who you would let lie to you cause he is just that fine!

6. Shemar Moore

An oldie but goodie, Shemar Moore appeared on the small screen as Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless. We’re British so we probably never saw that show. We knew him as Terry in The Brothers and that dude with the messed up canerows in Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Now he is FBI Profiler Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds, kicking down doors and catching bad guys while still staying suave and sexy.

7. Jensen Ackles

Another soap opera graduate, Jensen Ackles played Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives. Since then, he has gone on to play Jason Teague in Smallville and most recently fast food loving, beer drinking Dean Winchester in Supernatural alongside another hottie, Jared Padelecki. Supernatural’s tagline “Scary just got sexy” was obviously made just for him.

8. Idris Elba
<br /
So apparently, my babes decided to break my heart and have a baby with his girlfriend. Well, congratulations to her because Idris Elba is amazingly hot. Finding fame on shows like The Wire and Luther on our very own BBC One, Idris is also in movies too. A lovely British guy to fly the flag for us over seas, Idris is a sexy guy, all six foot three of him! Swoon!

9. Daniel Sunjata

Unless you watch Grey’s Anatomy or happened to catch a random episode of Law & Order, you wouldn’t really know David. He is currently a lead role on Graceland and when I saw his face on the trailer, I started watching. This beautiful Chicago native was enough reason to watch a show I have absolutely no interest in!

10. Robert Sheehan

We all know and love Robert from E4’s Misfits. For a show that was completely ridiculous (in a good way), he made it all worth it. He carried the first two seasons all on his own and when he left, it just wasn’t the same. Since Misfits Robert has gone on to star a movies, the most recent being The Mortal Instruments alongside Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. That’s pretty good for a boy from the fields of Ireland.

TOP TEN – Romantic Comedies


So, we have all either been roped into watching a romantic comedy chick flick (guys) or sat for hours indulging in the idealistic relationships of the beautiful people (girls) but which ones stand out the most? Here are my Top Ten Romantic Comedies (in no particular order)

1. Pretty Woman

Edward and Vivienne

The street girl who falls in love with the millionaire….and he actually loves her back! We know its highly unlikely, but Julia Roberts and Richard Gere make it oh so believable! The classic rom-com.

2. Coming to America

Lisa and Akeem

I don’t think there is any film in the world that still makes me laugh as much as this one. Eddie Murphy was in his prime and it definitely shows in this amazing film about a prince who wants someone to love him for himself and not his money.

3. Notting Hill

William and Anna

Movie star falls in love with a book shop owner from Notting Hill? Whats with the pattern of rich and poor here?! lol Ah well, it works and we love it, so who’s complaining. Awesome movie.

4. The Proposal

Andrew and Margaret

Ryan Reynolds is fast becoming one of my favourite comedic actors, Sandra Bullock is just my fav no matter what she does but these two together was both comical and touching. Absolutely hilarious!

5. The Wedding Planner

Eddie and Mary

The ones with the successful but lonely female who runs into the hot guy is always going to be awesome but this is that little bit more awesome. Matthew McConaughey is always great to look at but teaming with Jennifer Lopez was magic!

6. Just Go With It

Danny and Katherine

Im not really a fan of Jennifer Aniston but she manages to come through on this one. One of my fav guys however, Adam Sandler is always great to watch and Just Go With It is just to funny for words!

7. Friends With Benefits

Dylan and Jamie

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. Together. At the same time. This was appealing for boys and girls! It came out the same time as No Strings Attached….yeah, me neither, and this was clearly the better of the two! Funny, sexy and modern, this one ticked all the boxes for me.

8. 50 First Dates

Henry and Lucy

A man stays around to prove he loves you every day because you forget him overnight. If this isnt the cutest, i dont know what is! Another Sandler gem.

9.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Ian and Toula

The diamond in the rough that is My Big Fat Greek Wedding! It was awesome to have a rom com that wasnt necessarily full of beautiful people but made you feel just as good. Definitely one for the collection.

10.  Two Weeks Notice

George and Lucy

The second appearance for Hugh and Sandra and for good reason. These guys are great at the rom com and even better together. One of their best performances in this genre me thinks. Laugh out loud every time!

Of course we have the classic rom coms like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle  and Gentleman Prefer Blondes and newer ones like Love Actually and 27 Dresses but let me know which romantic comedies are your favourites in the comments below!