Sorry guys but no video review for this one, i thought id reserve those for the movies that i actually enjoyed -_-

Now, Storage 24 came out on the 29th June and as with most British films, didnt have that much of a buzz. I find that British films are either eagerly anticipated and critically acclaimed or just kind of fall under the radar, never to be heard from again. Storage 24 is most definitely the latter.

Quick run down of plot: plane crashes, lands on top of a storage facility building where oh so conveniently a few people get trapped due to the now faulty locking system. Cue confused bunch of friends ready to be picked off like daisies in a field by the fierce thing that goes bump in the dark.

The acting isnt great but what really lets the film down are the actors themselves. The demolished relationship between Noel Clarke’s character and his truly not happy in the face girlfriend, is entirely unbelievable. The only time we get some true emotion out of the guy is when he causes to punch another guy in the face (i wont tell you who in case you do decided to watch it) Yes, there are a few funny moments and even a few twitch in your seat moments too, but when i spoke to my cinema buddy throughout the most of the film it didnt really hold my attention. In a weird way, it also lost credibility because the monster was seen too soon. There was no mystery about what was chasing them and by the end of the film, you wanted them all dead anyway.

The end of the film is another matter altogether.

Never in my life have I seen such an anti climatic-what-the-hell-did-i-just-watch type ending that made me want to punch the cinema screen in. The film would have been saved if it wasnt for this horrific ending. Where it tried to be clever, it ended up being a: you-are-not-an-american-production-studio-with-a-multimillion-dollar-budget-so-why-am-i-seeing-this type ending.

In a word, is was just bad lol i cant say anymore than that. Watch it if you dont believe me! lol