Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen
Director: Patty Jenkins
Running Time: 141mins
Rating: 12A

With the questionable failures of DC films recently and what I thought was a lack in general promotional material and marketing; Wonder Woman seemed to be set up to fail at the box office.
While writing this; official numbers haven’t of course come in yet, but whether or not it will make a significant impact isn’t necessarily a sure thing after watching it.

While Wonder Woman is by no means terrible, it isn’t great and leaves a lot to be desired in ways of script, pace and action. What action we do receive is few and far between and while Gal Gadot looks amazing in her fight sequences, I felt a lot more could have been done with them.

The film opens in Themyscira; Princess Diana’s home and we discover a paradise of beautiful and incredibly skilled Amazons led by Queen Hyppolita. It’s during these scenes that we get the most thrilling fight scene as we see what the Amazons are capable of both on and off horseback, one can do something amazing with a bow and arrow! However; once we leave Themyscria and head into the world of man; all the fun pretty much gets left behind.

The rest of the film moves slowly, too slowly and should never have been that long; especially when nothing is really going on. Despite having seen her outfit already; the uniform reveal was a bit weak and could have been a bit punchier – as it was in Batman v Superman – and provided more of an impact.

Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana Prince, while very honest and in some ways relatable, got a bit annoying at parts. Not her acting but the naivety and impulsiveness started to get on my nerves. I understood that she was a secluded princess and didn’t really understand the implications of real war; but when this was explained to her; she refused to listen and came away looking a bit stupid which fed into the helpless female stereotype which I didn’t really like.

The villain is another story altogether as it felt rather weak. The film took a kind of fantastical turn by the end that wasn’t particularly impressive or believable. In addition, the rest of the supporting cast were rather pointless and didn’t really add anything to the film.

While I enjoyed the Amazons and Themyscira and Diana fighting; sadly, this wasn’t enough to make the entire film a great piece of work. Where BvS overdid the action; with this there wasn’t enough. Wonder Woman is a fabulous character and through the years of comics and the television show; studios just need to know what to do with her.

Paul Walker Has Passed Away

By now, you have all heard that Paul Walker has died in a car accident in California at age 40.

The Fast and Furious star was reportedly on his way to a charity event with friend Roger Rodas on November 30th when their vehicle crashed and burst into flames. The pair were pronounced dead at the scene.

I never had the pleasure of knowing or meeting Paul but i know it would have been exactly that, a pleasure. Other than in regards to his films, you never saw Walker in the spotlight and when you did, it was always for good things.

My deepest condolences and love and warmth go out to his family and friends and hope that he rests in perfect peace.

September 12 1973 – November 30 2013


What To Watch

So, recently a lot of the popular shows that we all know and love have either taken a break for a new season (Game of Thrones) or ended altogether (Breaking Bad). There are however, a few new shows that have popped up that are well worth the viewing. Also, new seasons have begun of some classics. Here is a selection of the best shows and movies to watch this coming week:

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – (Universal @ 9pm)
Season 15 begins with a bang as at the end of S14, we saw Olivia abducted by a depraved psychopath who was obsessed with her. Fans of the show will be eager to know if our heroine is going to be okay. New viewers will love it because Law & Order: SVU is an amazing show that will have you hooked even if you’re not familiar with the characters.

The Face – (SkyLiving @ 9pm)
Episode 3 of Naomi Campbell’s attempt to rival Tyra’s America’s Next Top Model. The show hasn’t been as successful since its start but there are some jokes to be had. If only to watch Naomi be the Queen Diva Bitch, its worth tuning in.

Made in Chelsea – (E4 @ 10pm)
Season 5: For those that are too classy for TOWIE, get ready for the fun and frolics of the beautiful twenty somethings (and Cheska) from London’s trendiest area. The Spencer/Louise/Lucy story line is always going to be a fan favourite and is definitely one to rope in some newcomers!

Bloodsport – (Sky Action @ 9:40pm)
Jean-Claude van Damme plays an American Special Forces commander who goes AWOL to compete in the kumite – a claudestine martial arts contest held in Hong Kong (1988)

Criminal Minds – (SkyLiving @ 8pm)
Season 8: The popular FBI drama is back with my sugar muffin Shemar Moore and the profiler team. In this episode, four men from Oregon go missing….

The Originals – (SyFy @ 10pm)
NEW SERIES: Lovers of the infectious The Vampire Diaries are undoubtedly foaming at the mouth for this prequel series about the infamous Originals: Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca Mikaelson. Do not let this deter newcomers as I am sure there will be new surprises to sink your teeth into…see what i did there? 😀

Elementary –  (SkyLiving @ 9pm)
Season Two: Holmes and Watson decide to leave NYC for London in the season premiere. Rys Ifans guest stars as Holmes brother Mycroft. I havent actually watched this one myself but it must have been good to get a second season!

Les Miserables – (Sky Premiere @ 8pm)
The epic musical adaptation starring Hugh Jackman as the French convict who slips parole and attempts to rebuild his life. He is accompanied by the relentless Russell Crowe and surprisingly not tone deaf, Anne Hathaway in an Oscar winning performance.

Devious Maids – (TLC @ 10pm)
Episode 3: This one is definitely a guilty pleasure. Its so bad, its awesome! For those that have been missing the void that was Desperate Housewives, this ones for you! Follow the happenings of maids Marisol, Zoila, Carmen, Rosie and Valentina.

Sleepy Hollow – (Universal @ 9pm)
Season 1, Episode 3: Abby has to face demons from her past after being targeted by the evil sandman who tortures people in their dreams. This one is a bit on the dark supernatural side for me, but theres something about the naivety of 18th century Ichabod Crane in 21st Centrury America that keeps me tuned in!

Play Misty For Me – (Sky Select @ 8:10pm)
Clint Eastwood stars as the radio DJ stalked by a psychotic female fan. The legendary actor makes his directorial debut in this awesome thriller from 1971.

Scandal – (More4 @10pm)
Season 2: The team are shocked to discover that Hollis Doyle is the companies newest client when his daughter is held for ransom. This show is just incredible. If you havent seen it, catch up some how and get involved.

Bates Motel – (Universal @ 9pm)
Season1, Episode 7: Sheriff Romero covers up Shelby’s murder but why? Also,a mysterious newcomer checks into the motel and Norman is devastated by the death of his beloved dog Juno who by the way we have never seen….. This show is so creepy but amazing. The relationship between Norman and his mother is portrayed expertly…too well actually

Hustle & Flow – (Sky Thriller @ 10:50pm)
When rap king Skinnny Black comes to town, Memphis pimp Terrence Howard tries his hand at Hip Hop stardom. Powerful street drama with an Oscar winning soundtrack (2005)

The Blacklist – (SkyLiving @ 9pm)
Season 1, Episode 4: No 161: The Stewmaker, Elizabeth’s case against a drug lord is scuppered when a professional kidnapper adducts a key witness. Luckily, ex con Red has a lead. I havent watched this one either but ive heard good things so i thought i’d pass on the message 🙂

Silver Linings Playbook (Sky Showcase @ 8pm)
Oscar winning Jennifer Lawrence stars as quirky young window who strikes up a bond with a recently institutionalised Bradley Cooper. Fun loving film with Robert De Niro (2012)

If you have any new shows or movies that i should watch, let me know. Happy watching!