Starring: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin
Director: Tim Johnson
Running Time: 94mins
Cert: U

Home begins with a rather humorous account of an alien race called Boov and their mission to escape their own planet to evade a bigger and scarier race who are trying to capture themfor unknown reasons. Of course they choose earth and when they arrive, they relocate all humans to Happy Human Town and move in around the world happy as pie!

The Boov are adorable creatures whose moods are shown by their ever changing skin colour; blue for sad, red for angry etc and because of this, you feel a connection with them just by looking rather than their very naive way of think which is utterly hilarious. They have no clue, and the fact they think they know everything will tickle you in the best way.

The star of the show is the lovable loser Boov named Oh who takes center stage and immediately captures your attention. He is ridiculously cute and his appeal is further heightened by his naive take on the world as well as the unmistakable voice of Jim Parsons or Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory to all of us. His unlikely friendship with the beautiful and exotic teenager, Tip voiced by Rihanna will make you laugh and cry for the unlikely but dynamic duo and Pig the Cat. They journey around the world brings about a series of emotions that even the smallest of kids will understand.

With the addition of comedic legend Steve Martin and the ever gorgeous Jennifer Lopez as Tip’s mum, Home is a good trip out for the kids.

Despite all the goodness of the above, the film is a bit long (I went with a three year old who decided she’d had enough) and is not necessarily as funny as previous Dreamworks gems like The Croods and How To Train Your Dragon. Other than this, Home is fun and carefree and drives home the importance of family and friendship and doing the right thing. The animation is beautiful, especially with Tip’s lovely curly hair and as mentioned, Oh is just too cute. His misinterpretation of words and Yoda way of speaking are all great aspects that will make this animation a memorable one.

WHAT TO WATCH?! – 16/7

A quick selection of what’s on tonight for your viewing pleasure 🙂


  • DARK SHADOWS – Once again Johnny Depp teams up with the dark duo that is Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter and a whole heap of make up to bring this fantasy vampire tale to life. Wickedly funny as Johnny never fails to deliver. Not his best work but not his worst either. Watch it if you wanna have some fun!


  • THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is my favourite Spider-Man if im truly honest. Something about this guy made this particular Peter Parker outing something to remember. Not sure about Emma Stone but hey, we cant like everything!

ITV 4 @ 11pm

  • TRAINING DAY – Can i ever get bored of this film? No, and neither will you. Denzel Washington is amazing as ever with Ethan Hawke as the rookie cop he takes under his wing who realise the police force isnt all its cracked up to me. One of the greats me thinks

Courtesy of Sky Movies


A quick selection of what’s on tonight for your viewing pleasure 🙂


  • THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGOON TATTOO – Director David Fincher (The Social Network, Se7en, Fight Club) is the safe pair of hands charged with the American remake of Stieg Larsson’s mesmerising Swedish thriller. Rooney Mara has the unenviable task of stepping into Noomi Rapace’s leathers as cyber punkette Lisbeth Salander while Daniel Craig plays raddled investigative hack Mikael Blomkvist, employed to solve an old family murder mystery.


  • 13 GOING ON 30 – Jennifer Garner is fast forwarded 17 years only to discover she’s a conniving editor of a style magazine and a sexual predator to boot. Garner performs a neat comedy turn with the always watchable Mark Ruffalo as Matt – the love she could have had but lost. Big for girls.

SKY DISNEY @ 10:30pm

  • BRAVE – Pixar heads to the Scottish Highlands for this engaging tale about Merida (Kelly Macdonald), a feisty warrior princess who rebels against her parents’ plans for an arranged marriage. After consulting a witch for help, her family becomes cursed and the desperate Merida is forced to undo the spell herself before it is too late.

Courtesy of Sky Movies