F42015Starring: Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Kate Mara, Toby Kebbell
Director: Josh Trank
Running Time: 100mins
Cert: 12A

Fantastic Four is by no means bad, but where it needed to be great, disappointingly, it fell really short. With so much criticism  coming from all angles about rebooting the franchise in the first place, this installment needed to blow some caps off which it failed to do.

The film is in no way terrible but as someone on Twitter perfectly described: “Its not bad. Its not good. Its hugely meh”

Disappointingly, Fantastic Four falls flat in a lot of areas that could have made it a contender in the battle for film creds. Here we are with fresh, young, talented faces who werent used to their full potential.

So, what doesnt work?
The story was lacking.
By the end of the film – that by the way, was way too long – we still hadnt achieved anything. While we were set up with the genius child and his rough and tumble play mate turned surly teenager back story, everything up to the point of the gang gaining their powers lost any sense of urgency or importance because of the irrelevance of what came after. Johnny and Sue’s relationship isnt entirely clear. Its obvious she is his adopted sister but whether or not they like each other was a bit confusing. Reed and Ben’s relationship works well but the set up of Victor as the villain was rather pointless with unnecessary shots of his intense eyes that seemingly show his anger and reason for wanting to take over the world Pinky and the Brain style.

There is an obvious lack of action.
There’s not enough fighting and shocking effects and the ones that are – when they get to some other dimension, look really cheap. While Johnny Storm (Jordan) provides the most cool effects, his flying doesn’t look as awesome as the original and i dont think he is really used to his full extent; in both acting and ability. The way he turns his flame on and off is awesome though! While Sue Storm (Mara) showcases the variety of her powers, loses any awe factor because she’s so boring. She never smiles, her wig constantly keeps changing and where Jessica Alba had sex appeal to have Victor and Reed going at it over her, in this instance, it really makes no sense. This may be a girly thing to comment on her looks but it really lets the side down. Although she had some Violet Parr telekenisis bubble going on, she could have done a lot more in the way of fighting.

Moving from the negative, where the film does work however, is Ben. The Thing looks so much grittier and realistic in this version and Jamie Bell’s emotional performance of having to deal with such a physical change is actually quite good. Their transitions were my favourite part of the movie as it highlighted how the physical change could and should be quite painful. It made it more believable to register their fear at the changes that were happening to them rather than the blind acceptance that was featured in the original.

To round up, Fantastic Four wont blow your socks of but its not an entirely tiresome watch. I had really high hopes for it that were let down but i hope they take note and apply more to the sequel in 2017. The cast were good but the film let them down. Fox should let go of the reigns on this one and give to more worthy films makers to bring it to the glory it could have.

Fant4stic is out Thursday 6th August across the UK





Starring: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin
Director: Tim Johnson
Running Time: 94mins
Cert: U

Home begins with a rather humorous account of an alien race called Boov and their mission to escape their own planet to evade a bigger and scarier race who are trying to capture themfor unknown reasons. Of course they choose earth and when they arrive, they relocate all humans to Happy Human Town and move in around the world happy as pie!

The Boov are adorable creatures whose moods are shown by their ever changing skin colour; blue for sad, red for angry etc and because of this, you feel a connection with them just by looking rather than their very naive way of think which is utterly hilarious. They have no clue, and the fact they think they know everything will tickle you in the best way.

The star of the show is the lovable loser Boov named Oh who takes center stage and immediately captures your attention. He is ridiculously cute and his appeal is further heightened by his naive take on the world as well as the unmistakable voice of Jim Parsons or Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory to all of us. His unlikely friendship with the beautiful and exotic teenager, Tip voiced by Rihanna will make you laugh and cry for the unlikely but dynamic duo and Pig the Cat. They journey around the world brings about a series of emotions that even the smallest of kids will understand.

With the addition of comedic legend Steve Martin and the ever gorgeous Jennifer Lopez as Tip’s mum, Home is a good trip out for the kids.

Despite all the goodness of the above, the film is a bit long (I went with a three year old who decided she’d had enough) and is not necessarily as funny as previous Dreamworks gems like The Croods and How To Train Your Dragon. Other than this, Home is fun and carefree and drives home the importance of family and friendship and doing the right thing. The animation is beautiful, especially with Tip’s lovely curly hair and as mentioned, Oh is just too cute. His misinterpretation of words and Yoda way of speaking are all great aspects that will make this animation a memorable one.