The excitement levels for the release of Black Panther has just gone up a notch as new character images have been released. Have a look below at the images provided by Entertainment Weekly feature a star studded cast including Angela Bassett, Forrest Whitaker and Lupita Nyongo!

They all look amazing and i cannot wait for the film!


Starring: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Marlon Wayans
Director: Paul Fieg
Running Time: 117mins

When I heard that Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy were going to be in a movie together, i was genuinely excited. Both had proved they could be comedic actors, McCarthy of course because she IS a comedy actor and Bullock from films such as Miss Congeniality, The Proposal and Two Weeks Notice. I think its fair then to point out that those are all ROMANTIC comedies and perhaps this is why The Heat falls short of her other successes.

Now, do not misunderstand, The Heat is funny. Just not funny enough. The jokes are there, just not frequently enough and at times (on Bullock’s part) felt repetitive. How many times is she going to play the lonely workaholic cop? Only this time theres no leading man to melt her icy heart but an aggressive little woman who clearly doesnt wash and this doesnt seem to cut it. Though McCarthy delivers with her sharp though dry sense of humour delivered as always with a straight face there was something missing from the film. Maybe it was the leading male as mentioned above or maybe that we’ve seen this scenario one too many times; from Bullock as well as from studios.

Its good to see females taking the lead as FBI agent/police officers but as light hearted as the film is intended to be, you cant take it seriously. This sounds contradictory but McCarthy’s excess as a crazy cop, countered by the formality of Bullock’s just doesnt make sense even in the comedy world.

Though admittedly there were laughs, they fell short of the comedy that has come to be expected from these two extremely talented women. Other than the lead roles, the other characters feel rushed with no real development and the villain is someone, although unexpected, is still not thoroughly explained. Scenes were predictable, characters were stock and the entire movie was saved by a few Albino jokes!

The Heat, despite the best efforts from those involved is not up there with comedic gold. Though not intended to be any kind of epic film, the lightheartedness is lost even then as you find yourself wondering how long its been on. Not a good look at all 😦