WHAT TO WATCH?! – 25/7

A quick selection of what’s on tonight

FILM 4 @ 9pm

  • SALT – My girl Angelina is at it again as a CIA agent accused of being a sleeper assassin. The action is good and as always we know that Angie is bad ass but she really needs to learn to leave the blonde wigs alone! Action thriller also starring Liev Schrieber

ITV4 @ 10pm

  • SILENCE OF THE LAMBS – Arguably one of the best horrors/thrillers ever made! Anthony Hopkins is amazing as Dr Hannibal Lector. Many sequels, prequels and tv shows have stemmed from the amazing books by Thomas Harris but this is the absolute best. Watch it again! You know you want to! lol


  • DREDD – Karl Urban dons the helmet (and doesn’t take it off) to play the uber-righteous member of a police force empowered with the right to be judge, jury and indeed, executioner, in the dark and dirty metropolis Mega City One. A bit more intense than the Stallone version, definitely one for the comic book enthusiasts.



So the name, its a lot. Never in your born days would you think that you would see Abraham Lincoln and Vampire in the same sentence but now, you have and in a weird and entertaining way; it actually works!

In a word, the film is clever. It brings historic fact and fuses it with horror fantasy to make a guilty movie pleasure. It is well paced and scripted well and doesn’t leave you with unanswered questions as so many recent movies have been prone to do. There are a few hiccups in the fact that, were sunglasses and sunblock invented in 1827? Other than those minor mishaps, what the film lacks in prop continuity it more than makes up for in special effects! The slow motion Matrix effects and stunts are very well choreographed making you look at Abraham Lincoln in a very different life! You’ll never look at an axe in the same way again, that’s for damn sure!

The blend of Abraham’s early life, hunter escapades and political journey towards becoming America’s 16th president is cleverly done and even incorporates the historically epic battle of Gettysburg into the vampire fantasy. Lincoln’s Gettysburg address is immortalised with the most famous lines and despite being British, will undoubtedly make you feel all patriotic inside. The issues of slavery that Abraham was so passionate about are addressed from the beginning of the film and despite his anger towards vampires because of the death of his mother; remains the driving force behind his determination, to emancipate the United States from their archaic thinking and save them from their own damnation.

The vampires in this film are another issue all together. Not your fairy land Twilight type vampires, but then not your overly proper though centuries undead Underworld type vampires. These creatures are straight up demons that are able to masquerade as every day townspeople then turn into some vicious super bad assess!

As always, it is not the best film ever made and isn’t going to go into the top 100 films of all time or anything but it definitely delivered what the title implied that it wouldn’t. I took a chance on this one, gambled and thankfully it paid off! 😀