Starring: Hugh Jackmna, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart
Director: Bryan Singer
Running Time: 131mins
Cert: 12A

Needless to say, the cinema last night was a packed one as me and my fellow movie goers got settled in for the newest instalment to the X Men franchise. Before I continue however, I must point out that although the film is good and enjoyable, it is unfortunately a bit of a let-down.


Forget what you thought it was going to be about because you’d be wrong. What could have potentially been a very exciting story about pasts meeting presents and futures and all manner of unexplainable time travelling rules; ended up being a story loosely strung together to make Wolverine once again the centre of attention.


Do not get me wrong, I adore Hugh Jackman and all that he has done for Logan/Wolverine and the X Men films but at what point do the other characters get their screen time? This was a great opportunity to get some real depth out of the characters that we had done with X Men: First Class but DOFP failed miserably in that regard. Although new faces were introduced, it seemed to only be for shock value rather than any real significance. Powers/mutants once again went unused and in some cases overused to create visually stunning effects but not so much so for the overall substance of the film. For an X Men film, it’s sad to say that the best bits are in the first five minutes but then falls into a steady decline of anything worth writing about. The end provides a certain sense of sentimental value but other than that I was left wanting. Not that this is a compeltely bad thing since we all know that there will be another instalment, X Men: Apocalypse, where the other mutants may make a more worthwhile appearance.


James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender reprise their roles as Professor X and Magneto respectively and do so amazingly. As I’ve found with most of the X Men films (feel free to disagree) there is not much lost in the way of casting and acting but how the characters are executed via the storyline. There is too much left unsaid and there is no change in this instalment. Jennifer Lawrence although very kick ass in this film as Raven/Mystique doesn’t really do it for me as much as Rebecca Romijn did in the first three films; once again feel free to disagree. The biggest confusion of them all though is why Storm (Halle Berry) is even in the films anymore having said all of three sentences throughout the entire film.


Needless to say, I didn’t hate X Men: Days of Future Past but I wasnt swinging from the rafters about it either. There could have been so much more in the two hours and ten minutes that was unfortunately not delivered which made it feel incredibly underwhelming.



Starring: Hugh Jackman
Director: James Mangold
Running Time: 126mins

Shirt off, beard grown and claws drawn; the ever wonderful, talented and undeniably sexy Hugh Jackman is back as The Wolverine!

Now, needless to say, Wolverine has been the most popular of the X-Men considering that he has already had his own movie but here we are, yet again and this time in Japan. Our adamantium hero comes face to face with blacked out ninjas, skin shedding vixens and silver Samurai robots! Sounds awesome right? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news (once again) but its not.

Before I divulge into the negatives i will concentrate on the positives:

  • Hugh Jackman is topless
  • Hugh Jackman is topless and;
  • Hugh Jackman is topless.

What can i said, the guy made plaid shirts sexy!
I joke, i kid 🙂 Yes, there is plenty eye candy ladies but there is also action. Albeit only three full on significant scenes of it but still action. Watching our reluctant hero take on ninjas with just his bare hands (and some well placed adamantium blades) was a sight to see. The force of his strikes, the fluidity of his movement is all testament to Jackman owning the character and his actions. The train fight sequence is undoubtedly awesome and the ninja moves from his affectionately deemed “bodyguard” (Rila Fukushima) are incredible to watch but that is ultimately where the praise ends.

The plot, although allowing Logan to go to Japan is loosely put together. It is understandable but basic in its execution as there are additional characters who don’t seem to serve any real purpose. Their “powers”, though creative in terms of CGI didnt create any real danger. Who is on who’s side and why is questionable until the very end and even then, the reasoning isnt exactly justified. You may think that this would mean suspense in plot direction and character development but only creates confusion. The ultimate fight is unfortunately an anti climax and even the final scene leaves you hanging on an edge. Not in anticipation of what is to come but more in confusion as to why you have been sitting on a plane with no destination (you’ll understand when you watch it).

As with all Marvel films however, you always have to stay until the end and there is indeed a little surprise there that i wont bother going into as it worth it for all the die hard comic book fans 😉

The film is initial quite slow, the action not evenly spaced out leaving room for thought which you dont really want in a hero movie! Counting down the seconds until the next fight scene is never a good thing (unless you’re Superman and want to fight at every possible second and destroy New York City). Ultimately, there is no driving imperative. What you thought was the point turns out to not be the point and then we are back at square one!

Hugh Jackman delivers as always and watching his eternal battle with his immortality and what it must mean for his humanity is always going to drive a narrative forward. However, The Wolverine is good because Hugh Jackman is good but it could have been much better 😦