Starring: Lily James, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter, Nonso Anozie
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Running Time: 113mins
Cert: PG

Before we get to the loveliness that is Kenneth Branagh’s rendition of Cinderella we will touch on the little let down that was the highly anticipated Frozen short, Frozen Fever.

Im one of the biggest Frozen fans out there but i expected more from Disney. Considering the magnitude of dare i say the Frozen Fever that swept the world, there was no reason why the short couldnt have held a bit more punch.

Its cute and sweet and shows another side to Elsa but lacks as many laughs and substance and trust me, even in a short this can happen. Have you seen Paperman? Awesome!

Either way, Frozen Fever is lacking any kind of heat.

NOW! Onto the meat and veg of the post: Cinderella!

As much as i was sceptical about seeing another take on the classic rags to riches story, i am an avid Disney fiend and so off i went. Im glad i did as this version is wonderfully done. Lily James is a good Cinders, if admittedly a bit too breathy for a grown woman but it does its job. Richard Madden as the Prince is the best part of this film! Buy it on DVD/Blu Ray simply to pause on the elongated seconds that they hold his pearly whites on screen. He’s too hot for words. Move over Robb Stark, theres a new King now!

Accompanying the lead roles are an hilarious and appropriate support cast led by Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother who wears some breathtaking outfits! The stepsisters are hilarious as well as Helena Bonham Carter’s fairy godmother who provide the majority of the laughs but overall, there is no scene that is not entertaining for its own reasons. Whether sad or funny, the film is well paced and beautifully shot.

Familiar elements are taken from the animated Disney version as well as the original fairytale that all come together to make a fresh new outing for a well know tale. The slight changes in character dynamic are surprising but acceptable and even needed in the case of the Prince’s relationship with his father which is toooo cute.

From the costumes to the landscapes and special effects, Cinderella is visually stunning and just lovely to watch.




Starring: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan
Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson
Rating: 18
Time: 125mins

Ive said it before and ill say it again: Fifty Shades of Grey is a terrible book. Its written terribly, the story is basic and only really held together by the complexity of the enigmatic, sexy and yes, extremely wealthy Christian Grey.

Now, bare this in mind when going to see the film if you decide to as if you have no high expectations, you will not be disappointed. Fifty Shades is exactly what it should be in my opinion: a bit of cheeky fun. Imagine going to a party and dancing the night away to every Steps, NSync or Spice Girls song and thats what a trip to the movies to see this is all about: guilty pleasure. You shouldn’t like Christian but you do. You shouldn’t want him to slap fifty shades out of Anastasia but you do and thats the fun of it!

As so many have slandered this movie i have decided to take a more positive stance simply because i honestly didn’t think it was that bad. Sure, the dialogue is horrendous but thats excusable because E. L James – the writer of Fifty Shades if you didn’t know -apparently wanted all her words to stay the same regardless of the fact that noone would ever talk like that to each other. Another big fault unfortunately is Christian. From being the single element that makes the books worth reading, Jamie Dornan to me, takes the fun out of Christian and im actually in Ana’s corner. Dakota Johnson is awesome as the shy and virginal Miss Steele who even with that shit hair style makes it believable that he should want her. She cries well, she makes the Ana-drunk-on-a-night-out scene hilariously good and she’s not afraid to show a little titty.

Speaking of titties and leaving the actors behind, lets get to the good stuff: The Sex. Overall, its well spaced and positioned i.e not just sexing all over the house at every given second and not too dragged out. There is sufficient nudity from Dakota and even a little suggestive side penis from Jamie. My favourite scene being when he has sex with her in her apartment. Some saucy stuff there i tell ya! Arch your back girlfriend! Arch your back! 😆 The only part that was disappointing for me was the final beating scene for reasons i wont say so as not to spoil it.

Other than that, its filmed beautifully. The beginning made me think if a thriller, very intense and mood filled. Editing is decent with interesting scenes, the most notable being the scene when they discuss the terms of the contract. Interesting stuff. The score is awesome, will definitely invest in that and all the cheeky elements of the book that had you falling in love with Christian as well such as Charlie Tango and the gliding experience in Georgia were all shown to perfection.

Before wrapping up, i wanted to touch on the supporting cast who don’t provide much support especially if your name is Rita Bora sorry, Ora. Could this women be any more irrelevant? With her one and a half immaterial line that had you wondering if she was even still in the room. Im shudder at the thought of her playing a bigger role in the sequels!

All in all, if you go to see Fifty Shades of Grey with an open mind to some fun and frolicking in mind then i think you will thoroughly enjoy it. For those who have not read the book, certain elements will of course be lost on you as the deeper psyche of Christian is not fully explored or displayed by Dornan. In the film he is 100% a stalker. In the books, sure he’s a bit intense but there is an understanding that fails to carry onto the silver screen.

Going to watch it expecting to see a romance/erotica penned by a Bronte sister mixed with Jackie Collins is undoubtedly going to leave you disappointed. Watch it to see some titties and you wont be 😛




Starring: Hugh Jackmna, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart
Director: Bryan Singer
Running Time: 131mins
Cert: 12A

Needless to say, the cinema last night was a packed one as me and my fellow movie goers got settled in for the newest instalment to the X Men franchise. Before I continue however, I must point out that although the film is good and enjoyable, it is unfortunately a bit of a let-down.


Forget what you thought it was going to be about because you’d be wrong. What could have potentially been a very exciting story about pasts meeting presents and futures and all manner of unexplainable time travelling rules; ended up being a story loosely strung together to make Wolverine once again the centre of attention.


Do not get me wrong, I adore Hugh Jackman and all that he has done for Logan/Wolverine and the X Men films but at what point do the other characters get their screen time? This was a great opportunity to get some real depth out of the characters that we had done with X Men: First Class but DOFP failed miserably in that regard. Although new faces were introduced, it seemed to only be for shock value rather than any real significance. Powers/mutants once again went unused and in some cases overused to create visually stunning effects but not so much so for the overall substance of the film. For an X Men film, it’s sad to say that the best bits are in the first five minutes but then falls into a steady decline of anything worth writing about. The end provides a certain sense of sentimental value but other than that I was left wanting. Not that this is a compeltely bad thing since we all know that there will be another instalment, X Men: Apocalypse, where the other mutants may make a more worthwhile appearance.


James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender reprise their roles as Professor X and Magneto respectively and do so amazingly. As I’ve found with most of the X Men films (feel free to disagree) there is not much lost in the way of casting and acting but how the characters are executed via the storyline. There is too much left unsaid and there is no change in this instalment. Jennifer Lawrence although very kick ass in this film as Raven/Mystique doesn’t really do it for me as much as Rebecca Romijn did in the first three films; once again feel free to disagree. The biggest confusion of them all though is why Storm (Halle Berry) is even in the films anymore having said all of three sentences throughout the entire film.


Needless to say, I didn’t hate X Men: Days of Future Past but I wasnt swinging from the rafters about it either. There could have been so much more in the two hours and ten minutes that was unfortunately not delivered which made it feel incredibly underwhelming.



Starring: Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Paula Patton, Bill Paxton, James Marsden
Directed by: Baltasar Kormakur
Running time: 109 minutes

It has finally happened!

I’ve gone to the movies and loved what I watched! Woohoo! Yay for me and all movie lovers!

Well, what was this great film you ask? Well, you wouldn’t ask really because it’s in the title! 2 Guns, is my second diamond in the rough of the year after Olympus Has Fallen. A film not too hyped up but unexpectedly delivered.

This diamond stars the unlikely duo of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg as two undercover cops from various factions who are set up by their own team. From the very beginning, there are laugh out loud jokes and quick quips from Wahlberg, counteracted by the slickness of the ever pimp-a-licious Washington. Even as the grey hair sets in, there is no way that you can deny that this guy is the epitome of cool. His ever suave demeanour and to the point humour is beautifully partnered with Mark’s less serious approach then we have seen him in in other movies, notably Broken City earlier this year. We knew he could be funny from Ted but I never expected him to be this funny. Although the comedy in the film is constant, it takes nothing away from the action that is well placed and paced. The most unlikely villains come in the form of Bill Paxton and James Marsden (who looks very good in a naval uniform might I add) who execute their roles extremely well, Paxton more so with his Hillbilly accent.

On a negative note (and there has to be one), they are joined by one female co-star in the shape of Paula Patton. Now, I along with everyone else, thinks she’s beautiful, which she is but the girl is as transparent as glass. She can’t act. I’m sorry (I’m not) but she can’t act. She’s too obvious and expressive and because she’s so well spoken when she tries to swear or be “street” it sounds wrong and doesn’t make you believe it. You’re an actress! Lie to me damn it! Lol In all honesty, that was probably my only hang up about the film. Sounds a bit bitter to trash the only other girl in the film right but it can’t be helped I’m afraid!

Now, there are some who feel that the buddy cop genre has been played out and they’d probably be right, but in this case, the chemistry isn’t forced. Before I started to write this, I hadn’t considered that it was a buddy cop movie. Sure, that’s the genre box I can now see it being slot in, but there is something more fun and not so obvious about the two of these guys together.

2 Guns is an enjoyable comedy-action-thriller that doesn’t focus too much on gore and nastiness, and instead the courageously funny relationship between two misfits who are more alike than they would like to believe, they are after all “peoples.” Watch it and you’ll understand 😀