Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke
Director: Alan Taylor
Running Time: 126mins
Cert: 12A

Now lets see, ignoring the fact that the Terminator series is essentially the same story told over and over again from different angles and perspectives and timelines and dimensions or whatever, this particular installment was actually pretty good!

For the fans who are familiar with the Terminator films, Genisys goes back to the first film when the bad T-800 (Schwarzenegger) is sent to kill Sarah Connor (Clarke). However, things have changed some what and instead of a lowly waitress who has no idea what special child she is supposed to bring forth from her womb to save the world; instead Sarah is a bad ass terminator killing machine…..no pun intended.

Anyway, because of this, we get a very convincing digital version of the younger Arnie who subsequently confronts the older Arnie who is now Sarah’s protector and has been for a number of years whereby she affectionately calls him Pops. Too sweet! There are further nostalgic moments of machine awesomeness from Terminator 2: Judegement Day, which is the best one in my opinion! The T-1000 or liquid metal terminator to you lesser mortals is as sick as ever, but not as sick as the ultimate villain; a new and obviously improved, hybrid terminator thing that just never seems to die! Seriously, its dope! Look out for the MRA scene which was visually very cool in deed and also the “walking out of the explosion unscathed scene”. There are more than one but you’ll know the one i mean!

Story aside, there is a bit of slow motion overkill in this film and although there are some choice moves from the T-1000 in terms of shock factor, its all pretty visual. Its all visual obviously but i mean in terms of the effects used to create excitement rather than any real brain frying back story or deep emotional acting etc. There are however no epic battles between the machines that we haven’t seen before. A few bent mental railings to show that yes, they are made of metal and are extremely heavy, was not really enough.

By way of acting, our girl Khaleesi did good. Wondering whether she would be able to make them jump from the fantasy epic that is Game of Thrones to an ultra modern she-now-gets-to-shoot-guns big screen film was questionable, but she has done extremely well and the American accent isn’t at all bad. Jai Courtney aka John McClane Jr is a decent choice of love interest/eager soldier/hero, so no complaints there. He spends a lot of time on his hands and knees which is interesting and highly entertaining when trying to escape a Terminator!
Last but not least, we have Arnie and his relentless pursuit of this role. Let it go for the love of God man! There are women and children out here!
Seriously, as amusing as it is to watch them continuously try to teach him social skills, he really needs to let it go. The terminator is an iconic role and he is in danger of destroying it. He does well by not making him involved in too much fighting as it would just look odd! Gereatric robots are not cool people!

All in all, Genisys was a surprisingly good film. It shamelessly sets itself up for sequels which will forever not make sense as the Terminator universe is one of a fixed timeline. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, SKY NET WILL DESTROY YOU!

Until they figure that out, we’ll have fun watching them fight!

NB: How do Jai Courtney and Emilia Clarke result in Jason Clarke?! The genetics make no sense!


What To Watch

So, recently a lot of the popular shows that we all know and love have either taken a break for a new season (Game of Thrones) or ended altogether (Breaking Bad). There are however, a few new shows that have popped up that are well worth the viewing. Also, new seasons have begun of some classics. Here is a selection of the best shows and movies to watch this coming week:

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – (Universal @ 9pm)
Season 15 begins with a bang as at the end of S14, we saw Olivia abducted by a depraved psychopath who was obsessed with her. Fans of the show will be eager to know if our heroine is going to be okay. New viewers will love it because Law & Order: SVU is an amazing show that will have you hooked even if you’re not familiar with the characters.

The Face – (SkyLiving @ 9pm)
Episode 3 of Naomi Campbell’s attempt to rival Tyra’s America’s Next Top Model. The show hasn’t been as successful since its start but there are some jokes to be had. If only to watch Naomi be the Queen Diva Bitch, its worth tuning in.

Made in Chelsea – (E4 @ 10pm)
Season 5: For those that are too classy for TOWIE, get ready for the fun and frolics of the beautiful twenty somethings (and Cheska) from London’s trendiest area. The Spencer/Louise/Lucy story line is always going to be a fan favourite and is definitely one to rope in some newcomers!

Bloodsport – (Sky Action @ 9:40pm)
Jean-Claude van Damme plays an American Special Forces commander who goes AWOL to compete in the kumite – a claudestine martial arts contest held in Hong Kong (1988)

Criminal Minds – (SkyLiving @ 8pm)
Season 8: The popular FBI drama is back with my sugar muffin Shemar Moore and the profiler team. In this episode, four men from Oregon go missing….

The Originals – (SyFy @ 10pm)
NEW SERIES: Lovers of the infectious The Vampire Diaries are undoubtedly foaming at the mouth for this prequel series about the infamous Originals: Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca Mikaelson. Do not let this deter newcomers as I am sure there will be new surprises to sink your teeth into…see what i did there? 😀

Elementary –  (SkyLiving @ 9pm)
Season Two: Holmes and Watson decide to leave NYC for London in the season premiere. Rys Ifans guest stars as Holmes brother Mycroft. I havent actually watched this one myself but it must have been good to get a second season!

Les Miserables – (Sky Premiere @ 8pm)
The epic musical adaptation starring Hugh Jackman as the French convict who slips parole and attempts to rebuild his life. He is accompanied by the relentless Russell Crowe and surprisingly not tone deaf, Anne Hathaway in an Oscar winning performance.

Devious Maids – (TLC @ 10pm)
Episode 3: This one is definitely a guilty pleasure. Its so bad, its awesome! For those that have been missing the void that was Desperate Housewives, this ones for you! Follow the happenings of maids Marisol, Zoila, Carmen, Rosie and Valentina.

Sleepy Hollow – (Universal @ 9pm)
Season 1, Episode 3: Abby has to face demons from her past after being targeted by the evil sandman who tortures people in their dreams. This one is a bit on the dark supernatural side for me, but theres something about the naivety of 18th century Ichabod Crane in 21st Centrury America that keeps me tuned in!

Play Misty For Me – (Sky Select @ 8:10pm)
Clint Eastwood stars as the radio DJ stalked by a psychotic female fan. The legendary actor makes his directorial debut in this awesome thriller from 1971.

Scandal – (More4 @10pm)
Season 2: The team are shocked to discover that Hollis Doyle is the companies newest client when his daughter is held for ransom. This show is just incredible. If you havent seen it, catch up some how and get involved.

Bates Motel – (Universal @ 9pm)
Season1, Episode 7: Sheriff Romero covers up Shelby’s murder but why? Also,a mysterious newcomer checks into the motel and Norman is devastated by the death of his beloved dog Juno who by the way we have never seen….. This show is so creepy but amazing. The relationship between Norman and his mother is portrayed expertly…too well actually

Hustle & Flow – (Sky Thriller @ 10:50pm)
When rap king Skinnny Black comes to town, Memphis pimp Terrence Howard tries his hand at Hip Hop stardom. Powerful street drama with an Oscar winning soundtrack (2005)

The Blacklist – (SkyLiving @ 9pm)
Season 1, Episode 4: No 161: The Stewmaker, Elizabeth’s case against a drug lord is scuppered when a professional kidnapper adducts a key witness. Luckily, ex con Red has a lead. I havent watched this one either but ive heard good things so i thought i’d pass on the message 🙂

Silver Linings Playbook (Sky Showcase @ 8pm)
Oscar winning Jennifer Lawrence stars as quirky young window who strikes up a bond with a recently institutionalised Bradley Cooper. Fun loving film with Robert De Niro (2012)

If you have any new shows or movies that i should watch, let me know. Happy watching!

WHAT TO WATCH?! – 16/7

A quick selection of what’s on tonight for your viewing pleasure 🙂


  • DARK SHADOWS – Once again Johnny Depp teams up with the dark duo that is Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter and a whole heap of make up to bring this fantasy vampire tale to life. Wickedly funny as Johnny never fails to deliver. Not his best work but not his worst either. Watch it if you wanna have some fun!


  • THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is my favourite Spider-Man if im truly honest. Something about this guy made this particular Peter Parker outing something to remember. Not sure about Emma Stone but hey, we cant like everything!

ITV 4 @ 11pm

  • TRAINING DAY – Can i ever get bored of this film? No, and neither will you. Denzel Washington is amazing as ever with Ethan Hawke as the rookie cop he takes under his wing who realise the police force isnt all its cracked up to me. One of the greats me thinks

Courtesy of Sky Movies


A quick selection of what’s on tonight for your viewing pleasure 🙂


  • THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGOON TATTOO – Director David Fincher (The Social Network, Se7en, Fight Club) is the safe pair of hands charged with the American remake of Stieg Larsson’s mesmerising Swedish thriller. Rooney Mara has the unenviable task of stepping into Noomi Rapace’s leathers as cyber punkette Lisbeth Salander while Daniel Craig plays raddled investigative hack Mikael Blomkvist, employed to solve an old family murder mystery.


  • 13 GOING ON 30 – Jennifer Garner is fast forwarded 17 years only to discover she’s a conniving editor of a style magazine and a sexual predator to boot. Garner performs a neat comedy turn with the always watchable Mark Ruffalo as Matt – the love she could have had but lost. Big for girls.

SKY DISNEY @ 10:30pm

  • BRAVE – Pixar heads to the Scottish Highlands for this engaging tale about Merida (Kelly Macdonald), a feisty warrior princess who rebels against her parents’ plans for an arranged marriage. After consulting a witch for help, her family becomes cursed and the desperate Merida is forced to undo the spell herself before it is too late.

Courtesy of Sky Movies