Ryan Coogler always had a massive responsibility on his hands when he was selected to direct Marvel’s Black Panther. However, the teaser trailer has definitely set minds at ease that he is going to do the film and its represented ethnic group great justice. With the likes of Angela Bassett, Lupita N’yongo, Michael B Jordan and David Kaluuya, Black Panther has a stunning cast or black actors and actresses that are set to take the world by storm!

Chadwick Boseman is set to reprise his role as T’Challa on February 16th 2018
I cannot wait!


Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen
Director: Patty Jenkins
Running Time: 141mins
Rating: 12A

With the questionable failures of DC films recently and what I thought was a lack in general promotional material and marketing; Wonder Woman seemed to be set up to fail at the box office.
While writing this; official numbers haven’t of course come in yet, but whether or not it will make a significant impact isn’t necessarily a sure thing after watching it.

While Wonder Woman is by no means terrible, it isn’t great and leaves a lot to be desired in ways of script, pace and action. What action we do receive is few and far between and while Gal Gadot looks amazing in her fight sequences, I felt a lot more could have been done with them.

The film opens in Themyscira; Princess Diana’s home and we discover a paradise of beautiful and incredibly skilled Amazons led by Queen Hyppolita. It’s during these scenes that we get the most thrilling fight scene as we see what the Amazons are capable of both on and off horseback, one can do something amazing with a bow and arrow! However; once we leave Themyscria and head into the world of man; all the fun pretty much gets left behind.

The rest of the film moves slowly, too slowly and should never have been that long; especially when nothing is really going on. Despite having seen her outfit already; the uniform reveal was a bit weak and could have been a bit punchier – as it was in Batman v Superman – and provided more of an impact.

Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana Prince, while very honest and in some ways relatable, got a bit annoying at parts. Not her acting but the naivety and impulsiveness started to get on my nerves. I understood that she was a secluded princess and didn’t really understand the implications of real war; but when this was explained to her; she refused to listen and came away looking a bit stupid which fed into the helpless female stereotype which I didn’t really like.

The villain is another story altogether as it felt rather weak. The film took a kind of fantastical turn by the end that wasn’t particularly impressive or believable. In addition, the rest of the supporting cast were rather pointless and didn’t really add anything to the film.

While I enjoyed the Amazons and Themyscira and Diana fighting; sadly, this wasn’t enough to make the entire film a great piece of work. Where BvS overdid the action; with this there wasn’t enough. Wonder Woman is a fabulous character and through the years of comics and the television show; studios just need to know what to do with her.

TOP TEN – Superhero Movies


In light of all the Marvel hype recently, I started thinking about all the superhero films that I have enjoyed over the years. That resulted in a Top Ten of my favourite superhero films! Soooo, in no particular order we have……

1. Batman Forever


Jim Carrey as The Riddler has me in absolute stitches every time I watch this film. It is by far nowhere near as serious as some other Batman films but it is funny and a guilty pleasure!

2. X Men Origins: Wolverine


The first of many films that would feature our beloved Logan as the centre of attention, Origins was an awesome film that let us know about Wolverine’s beginnings and that he is in fact a nice guy. Victim of circumstances that one! Much better than the metal Samurai robot fiasco!

3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Once I saw Andrew Garfield take the helm as Spidey, I wondered who Tobey Maguire even was! He did such a great job in the first outing but is was this sequel with Jamie Foxx as the villain that solidified him in my book! Awesome awesome film!

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


We’ve discussed this before: the first film was kinda boring but the sequel more than made up for it. Steve Rogers got real bad ass in this film but still remained a sweetie. Awww!

5. Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer


Other than the change of Jessica Alba’s wig, this second instalment for the Fantastic Four was pretty good. The graphics and danger of the Silver Surfer were awesome and had me glued to the screen.

6. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises 13Bane. That’s it.

7. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie


I don’t care what you say, when they turned into the Ninjeti with those rainbow ninja kits on, I WAS  a Power Ranger and you couldn’t tell me any different!

8. X Men: The Last Stand


Jean Grey was the star of this show. She was so bad she was good and I couldn’t get enough! The fact that Beast came into it was even better!

9.  Batman Returns

Batman_Returns_PosterWith the original Batman that is Michael Keaton, Batman Returns was absolutely amazing with Michell Pfeifer as Catwoman with that sexy voice and Danny De Vito as Penguin. It was dark, it was sexy, it was awesome!

10.  Judge Dredd


You might not consider this a superhero film but I LOVE Judge Dredd! “I never broke the law, I AM THE LAW!” Mate! I was finished from then. Awesome stuff.


Now, there are of course many films that are not on this list including all the modern day Superman failures including Man of Steel and none of the Iron Man films. There’s a reason for this….they’re not good.





Starring: Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, Emma Stone
Director: Marc Webb
Running Time: 142 mins
Cert: 12

Last night was the UK release of The Amazing Spiderman 2 as I’m sure you know and armed with my trusty Cineworld card, off i went to see it.

S2, as it will be known in this post, is straight off the bat an incredible piece of work from the Marvel franchise. Putting aside all the films that basically link together because they are the Avengers, S2 is the little Marvel gem that has to stand alone in the middle of the playground with all the big kids and hold its own. This sequel to its surprisingly successful predecessor (people wondered why we were getting another one after Tobey Maguire’s outing) does exactly that.

Andrew Garfield is quite simply becoming my most favourite person on the planet! His awkward yet sexy yet troubled teen take on Peter Parker has breathed a new breath of life into the character that allows you to connect with Peter’s issues and truly feel them as he does. His constant conflict over his love for Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) and his desire to protect her although are issues he has always had, are truly put to the test.

S2 in addition to Peter’s humour and emotional turmoil tells us about Peter’s parents and why they had to leave him with Aunt May and Uncle Ben. We watch Peter reach an internal understanding about his place in the world and how he intends to continue his dual life.

Now, that’s all the characterisation and emotional stuff out of the way but S2 also has a lot to offer in the way of SFX. This goes without saying with a film of this type but the level of effects here are truly awesome. The opening scene i thought was brilliant as you see intricate detail in the spidey suit that wasn’t necessarily visible before as it was that cheap CGI that makes everything look round and rubbery. The only hiccup with the SFX is the overuse of the slow motion effect. You know, the whole, im-gonna-dodge-a-bullet-so-you-cant-miss-any-bullets-i-dodge effect. There are times when it is necessary (Time Square scene) but others, not so much (random points in PowerPlant scene) which i felt took away from fighting a bit.

Talking about fighting (smooth transition!) Spidey has quite a bit of that towards the end of the movie but in true SpiderMan style, its not overly physical or one on one. A lot of acrobatics and dodging blows, in this case electric ones and strategically placed webbing helps him come out on top of his enemy who this time around is Electro played by the ever wonderful Jamie Foxx. I was a bit sceptical about Jamie as a villain but he achieved it surprisingly well with a character that is shocking both physically due to his power and visually. His character before he is turned into Electro provides some funnies other than those from Spidey himself and begs the question: Can black people actually have comb overs? 😂

As well as a new villain, Harry Osborne has decided to show up in this film as the perfect catalyst for a third instalment of the film. Dane DeHaan is really quite creepy looking and even if you didn’t know who he was destined to become you’d be afraid of him!

To wrap this up, The Amazing Spider Man 2 is so good, when it was over i felt like id just gotten off a roller coaster and wanted to clap that i was finally on solid ground again! Its a thrilling movie to watch both for the action and effects but also for the emotions and character development that are solid throughout. I dare you not to love it!!


B/N: There is a sneaky peek at an X Men: Days of Future Past after the credits but nothing that in anyway connects it to the Spider Man films. There is also nothing at the very end of the credits either so dont wait around!