TOP TEN – Romantic Comedies


So, we have all either been roped into watching a romantic comedy chick flick (guys) or sat for hours indulging in the idealistic relationships of the beautiful people (girls) but which ones stand out the most? Here are my Top Ten Romantic Comedies (in no particular order)

1. Pretty Woman

Edward and Vivienne

The street girl who falls in love with the millionaire….and he actually loves her back! We know its highly unlikely, but Julia Roberts and Richard Gere make it oh so believable! The classic rom-com.

2. Coming to America

Lisa and Akeem

I don’t think there is any film in the world that still makes me laugh as much as this one. Eddie Murphy was in his prime and it definitely shows in this amazing film about a prince who wants someone to love him for himself and not his money.

3. Notting Hill

William and Anna

Movie star falls in love with a book shop owner from Notting Hill? Whats with the pattern of rich and poor here?! lol Ah well, it works and we love it, so who’s complaining. Awesome movie.

4. The Proposal

Andrew and Margaret

Ryan Reynolds is fast becoming one of my favourite comedic actors, Sandra Bullock is just my fav no matter what she does but these two together was both comical and touching. Absolutely hilarious!

5. The Wedding Planner

Eddie and Mary

The ones with the successful but lonely female who runs into the hot guy is always going to be awesome but this is that little bit more awesome. Matthew McConaughey is always great to look at but teaming with Jennifer Lopez was magic!

6. Just Go With It

Danny and Katherine

Im not really a fan of Jennifer Aniston but she manages to come through on this one. One of my fav guys however, Adam Sandler is always great to watch and Just Go With It is just to funny for words!

7. Friends With Benefits

Dylan and Jamie

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. Together. At the same time. This was appealing for boys and girls! It came out the same time as No Strings Attached….yeah, me neither, and this was clearly the better of the two! Funny, sexy and modern, this one ticked all the boxes for me.

8. 50 First Dates

Henry and Lucy

A man stays around to prove he loves you every day because you forget him overnight. If this isnt the cutest, i dont know what is! Another Sandler gem.

9.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Ian and Toula

The diamond in the rough that is My Big Fat Greek Wedding! It was awesome to have a rom com that wasnt necessarily full of beautiful people but made you feel just as good. Definitely one for the collection.

10.  Two Weeks Notice

George and Lucy

The second appearance for Hugh and Sandra and for good reason. These guys are great at the rom com and even better together. One of their best performances in this genre me thinks. Laugh out loud every time!

Of course we have the classic rom coms like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle  and Gentleman Prefer Blondes and newer ones like Love Actually and 27 Dresses but let me know which romantic comedies are your favourites in the comments below!